No matter where you are, Carolyn can still bring her Sensory Organizing solutions to you! With Skype, the sharing of video files, and phone calls, you can have a highly effective and personalized experience with Carolyn from anywhere in the world!

Carolyn offers in-person consultations and services within the greater Southern New England area. To schedule your Sensory Organizing service, please
contact Carolyn today!  We also offer gift certificates for those hard-to-buy-for people!


Workshops & Speaking Engagements


Carolyn is available to conduct workshops, presentations, and other events for your organization, school, and parents', teachers', or support group! She is also available to lead on-site trainings for teachers, administrators, and caregivers, and can tailor every event to suit your organization's particular needs. Costs vary based on size of group, length of event, and pre- and post-event time commitment.

Click here to download Carolyn's Speaker Packer! (PDF format)

Teacher Training
and Educational


Carolyn's proven SSK Sensory Organizing® System can be brought into the classroom to give teachers the tools they crave in supporting rigid, anxious and distracted kids at school. Also explore Carolyn’s school community package that includes workshops for teachers, parents, and students!

Click here to download Carolyn's Teacher Training Packet (PDF format)

Sensory Solutions Partner Package


Carolyn knows from personal experience that it's often difficult, in the reality of day-today family life, to find to time to consistently implement changes that can make a tangible difference. This package joins your family and SSK in an eight-week long partnership that includes:

  • A full assessment of the spaces and activities that present the biggest challenges for your family (can be done in-person or via Skype).

  • A full written report the outlines the challenges and provides Sensory Solutions.

  • Four hours of follow-up in-home or Skype Sensory solution services or consultations using Carolyn's proven SSK Sensory Organizing® System: 1 hour when you receive the report and to make a plan for getting started and one hour each at weeks 4, 6, and 8 to support implementation and adjust plans as needed.

  • Regular e-mail consultation throughout

This intensive program supports your family while you develop a plan to suit your lifestyle, implement changes, and adjust the solutions based on real-life experience in your home. Carolyn partners with you to ensure that her report doesn’t just sit on a shelf; that you end the process with real change in place and the tools to keep going!

Sensory Organizing
Starter Package


A great value, this package includes an assessment focused on identifying your child/family’s top 3 sensory challenges (spaces, times of day, activities). It includes a written report that provides sensory solutions for those top 3 issues, as well as two hours of follow-up services or consultation to support you in implementing solutions to one of your top challenges. You can also e-mail Carolyn to get answers to quick questions you may have along the way. This starter package provides a road map to success and ensures that you have a productive
start on your journey to sensory solutions.

Average initial consultation duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Targeted Sensory Solutions Consultation


Is there one experience or specific time of day that consistently presents challenges for your sensory child and your family? Do you or your child need help in applying sensory organizing techniques for homework time or overall academic organizing? This focused 45-minute phone consultation with Carolyn zeros in on one specific challenge. She will work with you to analyze the issue and identify potential sensory solutions. Carolyn will follow-up after your call with a simple, easy to follow e-mail outlining strategies for success.

Academic Organizing

Per Project

Is your child always loosing papers, forgetting books, struggling with homework, and feeling unprepared for school? Let Carolyn help you learn simple tools to help your child enhance their executive functioning skills, learn time management strategies, and get organized for school. She can help you with specific systems around homework stations, study plans, backpack organizing, and paperwork management.

General Sensory Organizing for Kids and Families


Every family has different needs and Carolyn can help apply her SSK Sensory Organizing® System to almost any challenging space or situation. From designing a bedroom or playroom to creating a whole home sensory organizing plan for your new home, Carolyn can work with you on a project or hourly basis to provide support where you need it most.



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