Carolyn spent eleven years in sales, customer service management, and executive recruitment, with both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, before shifting her focus to raising her two small children. Carolyn’s professional experience and personal journey as the parent of a sensory child fueled her interest in organizing, and led her to recognize how good systems contribute not only to career success but also to personal well-being for children and families.

Carolyn founded Systems for Sensory Kids, LLC, a leading edge organizing model that bridges the gap between clinical support and practical in-home solutions for rigid, anxious, and distracted kids. Carolyn has published numerous articles and presents regularly at conferences for parents, caregivers, and educators. Her book, The Sensory Child Gets Organized (Touchstone, 2013), teaches parents and educators how to tap into systems, routines, and visual aids to organize and empower their rigid, anxious, or distracted kids. (Check out Carolyn's Author Page at Simon & Schuster!)

In addition to her Sensory Organizing work, Carolyn does general organizing work for homes and small businesses as well as custom closet designs and installations as an Independent Representative of The Container Store’s professional in-home organization service, Contained Home. Carolyn currently serves on the Board of Governors for Bradley Hospital, a neuropsychiatric hospital for children and adolescents, and on the Board of Directors for Resilient Kids, a program designed to bring mindfulness curricula into the school setting. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two children.

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